Ian Heslop

Ian Edward Heslop is the director of ShamanSystems C.I.C. A community interest company, which serves individuals and organisations who are intentionally and energetically, dedicating themselves to healing the collective consciousness of humanity,

Heal The Collective Consciousness

Heal Collective Consciousness? Who do you think you are to suggest the collective consciousness needs healing? Yes. It is a bold statement, for it suggests that collective consciousness requires healing, and most people consider everything to be OK. Or do they? Is that not an indicator of Madness? When an individual or a group consider …

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Welcome From ShamanSystems

Welcome… Hello and welcome to the first post on ShamanSystems.com. You can check out the about page, for a more detailed look at the legal implications of our community interest company, It seemed like a good idea to give a bit more of a personal take. ShamanSystems CIC is first and foremost a community interest company. This legal status …

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