Heal Collective Consciousness?

Who do you think you are to suggest the collective consciousness needs healing?

Yes. It is a bold statement, for it suggests that collective consciousness requires healing, and most people consider everything to be OK. Or do they?

Is that not an indicator of Madness? When an individual or a group consider themselves to be sane, yet their behaviours expose the opposite?

I have spent the last four years working on government projects, to reduce pollution in the United Kingdom, with particular Focus up on wasted energy, in domestic households.
In the UK, we have a taxation system, which enables individuals to access funds, to reduce their energetic pollution.

After these four years, acting as a shaman in my Society on behalf of the planet, I've been left with only a single conclusion. People don't give an s***.
They care about how much money they will save or how warm they'll be, but the last thing on their mind is the harm that they are causing to the environment.

This conclusion is not only derived from the last four years but a lifetime of observation and decades of holding a shamanic consciousness (I died when I was 7). I genuinely believed that people cared about more than just themselves, deep down somewhere in their unconscious, below and somewhat contrary to their actions.

At first, I was going to give up hope and return to my capitalist agenda, but my heart won't allow it.

So? We've decided to do something about it, but this time from the Inside Out.

See, we can attempt to educate and change the behaviour of human beings, through coercion, punishment and social architecture. But the truth is people have free-will and will try to do whatever they want.
Therefore we must change them, on the inside firstly, and thus change that which they want to do?

The problem is that so many good intentions to change the behaviour of humans are focused upon that behaviour, but we feel this is far too late.
Trying to change the effect is useless, we must focus upon improving the cause of the behaviour, which undeniably originates from within an individual, and conclusively the Collective.

The behaviour of individuals, which by definition forms the Collective, always originates from within them firstly, and so any external action that resembles sickness, MUST indicate an internal illness?

Let us dig a little deeper...

The word heal originates from Old English, and means to cure, save, make whole or sound and well. Most European languages share a common root, and here 'kailo' (heal) means to "Make whole."

Quite literally then, the meaning suggests that if one requires Healing, then one is incomplete, or perhaps disassociated from one's whole being.
It is a simple matter of observation, and psychological comprehension, to reverse engineer the behaviour of the Collective, and deduct that which they are disassociated from?

It is this disassociation from aspects of human consciousness, which is the cause of the twisted and perverted behaviour, of the collective consciousness of humanity.
Quite simply, people would not treat each other, the planet, or the environment the way they do, if they were connected to it, and themselves, consciously.

The point is that human behaviour is the symptom of collective sickness and not the illness in and of itself.
That is to say that the majority of people, and therefore the collective consciousness, are quite literally broken inside themselves, disassociated and ultimately discombobulated.

Of course, they don't know that they are this way, as they know no other way. Additionally, the fear of social rejection ensures that they march in time with the Collective, regardless of the cliff Edge it walks towards.

Quite naturally then, the solution to the collective sickness is to enable the individuals who are it's components, to become whole. Then they may become fully conscious of the complexity and entirety of themselves.

Perhaps one must understand how the collective works?

There are many approaches and understandings about what collective Consciousness is and is not. As a shaman, therapist and healer, I may only add my own opinion to the mixture.

Firstly I must add that I agree with the typical psychological explanations, particularly the theories and work of Carl Jung.
However, I have experienced the collective consciousness in a real out of body state, through meditation, NDE's and shamanic journeying.

My experience of the collective Consciousness is not an academic one, but one of raw emotional, direct personal experience.
Please allow me to confirm that every single living being on this planet is connected. Firstly in a sub-collective which is species-specific, and secondly as a full-spectrum representation of the intelligence, of this magnificent conscious planet.

Quite simply, the collective Consciousness is the totality of ALL individual consciousnesses.

I may also confirm the ideas outlined above, in that there is a massive general human disassociation, from the realisation, that we are all actually part of the same organism... Earth.
I have investigated and analysed thousands and thousands of people, and they are genuinely disassociated from themselves, as evidenced by their behaviour.

But how would I know this? Because once I was utterly and entirely disassociated from my self, then something happened to me. A force entered my life, changing me forever on the inside, which ultimately led to my changing my behaviour on the outside...

This Force entered my life directly as a self-experienced internal transformation, but also externally in a real synchronistic sense, as individuals who were therapists, and healers, helped me become whole.

Because of this occurrence, you are reading these words now and experiencing the consciousness of one, who desires to heal many more and therefore alter the harmful behaviour, of the collective consciousness.

ShamanSystems C.I.C is a manifestation of that intention, designed solely to support the 10% of the population, who are empowered to affect the other 90% positively.

As per our C.I.C document, you may be identified, by the positive influence of your creative endeavours and/or your chosen profession.

There are, of course, many types of therapy practices and healing modalities. They all have something in common, which is to heal another, and at least support the reduction of pain, which allows for a more balanced consciousness, and the forces discussed to become present in one's life.

It's quite simple, you see. Most people are not enabled with the capacity to Transform other people, consciously. They do so unconsciously, thus doing nothing more then proliferating their sickness.

It takes a conscious individual, with some experience and typically some training, to ensure that they reflect upon another in a positive way. This is why shaman systems are dedicated to supporting healers and therapists.

Is it possible to heal the collective consciousness?

I believe it's possible, but unfortunately, it may well be too late. My own heart won't allow me to give up, yet it runs contrary to my mind, and my belief that it's all gone too far. In a way I suppose it's selfish, for one day I will die permanently to this world, as will we all. On that day, when I meet my soul, I will have lived my truth and done whatever I could have.

I suppose this is also a form of Madness, but at least it's a conscious one and accepted well. To try and change something that appears impossibly broken, maybe futile, but to try and fail is far better than succumbing to disintegration, and living a life of ignorance and excuse.

Do you agree?

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  1. At last! I find someone who thinks as I. Also a Jungian!

    My daughter is a shaman living in Sedona, a crystal laser bed facilitator.

    The collective is so badly polluted worldwide. So sad.
    Patricia Bonenfant

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