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We've put this training together, to help address one of the main reasons that Therapy Businesses, unfortunately, fail to keep trading for any period of time... Poor financial planning.

It's such a shame when a person who has decided to help others, in such a positive way as offering therapeutic services, ends up going out of Business because they fail to plan. In our experience, this happens more often than it needs to, mainly because so much attention (rightly so), is focused upon becoming qualified to practice.

But, becoming a self-employed therapist involves so much more than becoming qualified, as the therapist now has to learn how to run a Business, which can be a very challenging proposition for the inexperienced.

Typically the therapist will begin to concentrate upon getting some clients, building some experience around their practice, and randomly move forward from there. Some get lucky, but for most the luck runs out quickly.

Why so negative?

Because we care, and the truth, however unpleasant, is the only thing that will liberate the conscientious therapist from a path that often leads to a disappointing conclusion. Running a small Business is not difficult, but without the right support, advice and strategy, it can become a very frustrating experience.

We also know that the issues which prevent the successful manifestation of a Business, are often compounded in the case of a therapist because typically they are far less Egocentric, greedy & manipulative than the typical individual who decides to 'Start a Business'.

It's almost the opposite for a therapist, as they desire to help others, which puts them into Business almost by default... So rather than ignore your struggle we wanted to help 🙂

Who is this training for?

  • People considering starting a Therapy Business.
    The training can be used to calculate many things, including business viability, pricing, funding, profitability.
  • People already owning a Therapy Business.
    The training is beneficial to discover which of your services are most profitable, identify financial issues, assess/plan future strategies, identify opportunities…

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Manifest a successful Therapy Business
  • Calculate & Construct a Personal Survival Budget
  • Construct & understand a Sales Forecast
  • Construct & understand a Cash Flow Forecast
  • Construct & understand a Profit & Loss Forecast
  • Know your break-even point (viability)
  • Know your Gross & Net profit margins (Profitability)

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