Community Interest Statement

The companies activities will provide benefit to...

Individuals and organisations who are intentionally & energetically dedicating themselves, to healing the collective consciousness of Humanity.
The members of the above community section, are identified by the positive influence of their creative endeavours and/or their chosen profession.
Shamansystems directly serves the identified community section above.
However, as the community section is dedicated to healing the collective, the activities of Shamansystems indirectly serves a wider community.

Shaman Systems

Explore our Activities & Benefits Below

Supply discounted Web design & hosting services.

The community will benefit by being supported in planning, creating and implementing functioning websites affordably.

Provide sales, marketing & Business training services.

The community will benefit through an increased awareness of how, where and when to promote its primary goals.

Provide a platform for peer-peer community interaction.

The community will benefit by being able to share and support itself through the exchange of relevant information.

Supply discounted business support services & products.

The community will benefit by having affordable access to business services & products which shall facilitate its growth.

Provide Psychological care & personal healing services.

The community will benefit by having access to its members own healing services so as to maintain optimum functionality.

Metaphysically orientated security services & training.

The community members will benefit by being protected and inspired by archetypal transcendent forces. (collective intent)

Provide training regarding the manifestation of intention.

The community will benefit through an increased awareness of interactive-reality training and the manipulation thereof.

Promotion of the community as a whole to non-members.

The community members will benefit through being promoted in a positive manner to those people who are not members.

Negotiate member discounts for allied services & products.

The community members will benefit by having access to discounted services/products provided by third parties.

Our Philosophy & Mission

Quite simply, the solution to the collective sickness, is to enable the individuals who are it's components, to become whole.
Then they may become fully conscious of the complexity and entirety of themselves.
But how would I know this really?
Because once I was fully disassociated from my own self, then something happened to me. A force entered my life and changed me forever on the inside, which ultimately led to my changing behavior on the outside...


Marta Wroblewska

Marta respects and reflects individuality.
Due to her varied healing skills and qualifications, she's able to adapt appropriately to ensure satisfaction.



ShamanSystems C.I.C was formed in Glastonbury, England.
A very unique place, which supports the activities of ShamanSystems.



Ian Heslop

Ian believes in Creating & Assisting businesses that are ethical.
Inspired by a higher purpose, yet ultimately & necessarily professional.

C.I.C Membership is Free...

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